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Time Machine and Size of Backup

I notice that when I backup with TimeMachine after only tiny changes to a document managed by EF or to a filename, the size of the backup is rather enormous. For example, I changed a file name – nothing else-- and TimeMachine tells me it’s backing up 42 MB. (MB !). It so happens that this is the size of the EF library in question. Does this mean that any change to a file managed by EF results in a backup of a size comparable to the size of the library?

I don’t care so much, I guess. But I may need to get a larger external HD :slight_smile:

Changing the name of a file will cause EagleFiler to update its database and one of the index files inside the .eflibrary file. Depending on what’s in your library, these two files might total nearly the whole size of the .eflibrary or a small fraction of it.

EagleFiler 1.4.5 adds the “ExcludeIndexesFromBackup” esoteric preference so that you can have only the database and viewing state backed up by Time Machine.