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Time to start over?

I’m wondering if the time has come to retrain or otherwise start over with SpamSieve:


  • SS has filtered far fewer than 473K good messages
  • The corpus looks a little lopsided
  • The Whitelist is much too large and has scads of addresses from spammers

Generally speaking SS is doing a good job, but I’m concerned that it might be slowing down my drone. Every once in a while I have to force quit and relaunch Mail to get it to continue to process incoming mail.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Are you saying that the number of filtered good messages is wrong (how do you know?) but the number of filtered spams is right?

If you sort it by Hits, it should be easy to select and delete the rules that are not being used very often.

Please the instructions at the bottom of this page for how to send in a “sample” report.

Well, you’re right: I don’t know. But my sense is that I have been receiving much more spam than ham, which is different than the stats show. I’m probably wrong.

Wow! 28550 were unchecked: previous false negatives? They’re gone. I’m tempted to delete the ~10K that have 0 hits.

I’ll send in a sample once Mail hangs again. Thanks for your help, Michael.


Thanks for the samples. It looks like SpamSieve is idle. There seems to be a bug in Mail that caused it to hang while running two AppleScript rules simultaneously. Do you have more than one mail account configured?

You said that your drone was running on Mac OS X 10.5.8, and I’ve not seen this problem before, so perhaps the bug is fixed in more recent versions of Mail.

Yes, I’ve got 11 accounts I’m filtering. I guess I’ll have to live with it until I upgrade this Mac.