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Timestamp problems - importing Entourage to Eaglefiler

When I import mail from Entourage to Eaglefiler it changes the associated timestamp to a time 13 hours later than actually received. Is there a way to fix this? (Apologies if the answer has been discussed elsewhere, I have looked and cannot find it in the manual and in the forum).

Thank you

I’m not seeing that problem on my Mac. Are you importing by pressing the capture key?

Could you give me a specific example of the dates that you see (and where you see them) and e-mail the EagleFiler mailbox file to me so that I can look into this?

Thanks for the very speedy reply!!

I’m sorry to have troubled you. I think I have figured out the answer. I was importing messages labelled with Eastern Time Zone timestamp, but my computer is now on GMT +8. Eaglefiler was relabelling the message timestamps for my current time zone which is 12 hours later than EST. The one hour daylight savings meant the shift was sometimes 12 hours and sometimes 13 hours - a bit confusing. My fix is to just set the timezone back to EST when importing messages received when I was in that part of the world.

(I was also thrown off by an extra variable time difference (on top of the 12 or 13 hours) of a few minutes up to about 15 minutes, which seems to have to do with Entourage stamping messages for time received at my local server, and Eaglefiler stamping messages with when they were sent. That is less of a problem for me, so I’m ignoring that).

Thanks very much for Eaglefiler, I’m finding it a very helpful program!

EagleFiler should be reading the actual date from the message (along with its time zone) and converting/displaying it using your current time zone. So the display should depend on where you are now, not on where you were when you did the import.

Entourage has separate columns for Received and Sent. EagleFiler reads the official Date header from the message, and I believe Received is only stored in Entourage’s database.