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tiny bug when importing while reading a web archive?


This is very minor, but it has bitten me several times, so here I am reporting it. It seems that when a web archive is displayed, importing may blank out the preview window and one has to select something else then select the web archive again to display it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • select a web archive in some folder foo
  • switch to a web browsing application
  • capture with details and choose the same folder foo
  • go back to EF

The result is that the window displaying the archive is blank. One has to select another record then select the archive again to see it.

I hope I have given enough details to reproduce it.

I’m not seeing that here. Does it still happen after restarting your Mac? Could you e-mail me your log file:



I’ll check next time I restart. I’ve just tried it again and I can reproduce it, but there is absolutely nothing in the log. I could also see that the preview plane becomes blank at the exact time I see the record appear in the source list (and that I see the growl notification).

It’s probably worth checking the system log in Console, too.

I restarted (after the QuickTime upgrade) and I’m still seeing this. And there is nothing in the log (be it EF or Console or system.log).

Let me know if there is any other way I can help track this.

Can you reproduce the problem when using the normal capture command or when importing other types of files?

I did some additional experimentation:

  • importing by using the normal import or drag and drop does not result in the problem, even when I’m looking at a web archive in the “Unfiled” record list
  • importing with options always result in blanking, independently of the file type being imported or where it’s imported to

I found the following interesting this: I captured something from TextMate (with options), while watching the EF window in the background. It was still displaying the web archive after the capture, until I alt-tabbed to it, when it blanked.

There is unfortunately still nothing in the logs.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.3.5.