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Tips for working across Windows and Mac?

Eaglefiler is an essential part of my workflow when I’m at my iMac, but I’ve been spending more time on my Windows laptop. I’ve got Eaglefiler synced with dropbox, and I save web clippings as pdfs — and I use the script to make sure file names are compatible.

The hitch comes in clipping web pages on on the laptop: I print to the appropriate file, using pdf creator. This is a slow, annoying process, however, compared to the smoothness of Eaglefiler. (And the smoothness of OneNote, fwiw.)

I’ve been experimenting this week with using Evernote for web clippings, on both computers, and Eaglefiler for pdfs and word files, but I’m not entirely happy with that route, either. Anyone else here spend a lot of time moving between Windows and Mac, and have advice for the best way to incorporate Eaglefiler in that scenario?

I don’t use Windows, but what about if you simply saved the URLs (e.g. using the Instapaper bookmarklet) on the laptop and then used the script to have EagleFiler import them and generate the PDFs.

I hadn’t thought of that. I suspect Evernote is a better solution (albeit $5 a month, given my volume of clippings) if I’m spending a lot of time on Windows, though. Despite the hype, every time I use it I’m reminded how much better Eaglefiler is.

Time to contract with someone to make a Windows version of Eaglefiler, as the Scrivener guy did!

So I’ve decided, for now, to stick with Evernote for web clippings, Eaglefiler for pdfs and Word files, etc.
On the iMac it’s less elegant than Eaglefiler alone, but the increased efficiency on the Dell probably makes it worthwhile. We shall see.

As I ponder this cross-platform business, I should say that my satisfaction with Eaglefiler is the main thing tempting me toward just getting a MacBook Pro and using it for everything. Not enough people recognize the elegance of having all your web clippings, text notes and files in one spot. My loyalty to Eaglefiler is stronger than my loyalty to Apple, which is not that strong!

This is basically a dialogue with myself, I realize, but here’s my latest thinking: Use Evernote only on the PC, then export notes as html into the appropriate Eaglefiler-managed folder.

I haven’t thought through all the pros and cons, but this might avoid the annoyance of having separate applications for documents and pdfs (Eaglefiler) and clippings (Evernote), especially since Eaglefiler is an ideal clipper on the Mac.