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Title field and Microsoft Word files

I am importing Microsoft Word files and want the Title field in EagleFiler to be the same as the document filename. I have discovered that in Word for Mac 2008 this is contained in the Preferences/General/Web Options/Web Page Title field. Whatever actual text is in that field is what becomes the Title in EagleFiler. Does anyone know of a way to have that Word field automatically pull in the file’s name? I am thinking if there was some proper syntax like {FileName}, like goes in a header or footer. Then when the document was saved, it would save the filename with it.

I know that I can change this with a script in EagleFiler, but this will be a pain for what ends up as thousands of files and many more to come on a weekly basis.

I know this is a Word problem, but I figured that EagleFiler users might be the most likely to have faced this issues before.

Thanks for any help,

Perhaps that’s where the default can be set, but for any given document the title is set in File > Properties > Summary.

If you set the Title in Word to be blank, EagleFiler will use the filename as the title.

That’s not how it is working, though. I just imported a document that has nothing in File/Properties/Summary. When it imports, EagleFiler’s Title field is blank, as well. I did a batch of 25 (Mac Word 2004, Word Win 2003) and they all came across as blank. I created a new document (Word 2008) and it does what you say with pulling in the file name. One other consideration - the documents that are not working all had the vertical line in that field before (it was also in Web Page Title under Preferences, leading me to believe that is where it was coming from). So, I went into each one and changed them to blank. But when I then import them, they import blank without the filename.

This may not be worth your time solving for me, though, if it turns out to be an issue with EagleFiler. I can pull all existing documents in and use your script to change those. Since new documents are working correctly, once I batch them all, this will no longer be an issue.

Please e-mail me one of those files so that I can investigate.

I am sending from a hotel that isn’t very nice about allowing emails to go out, so I am attaching the file to this reply. I hope that works okay.

The title of this document (as interpreted by OS X, at least) is a sequence of invisible (null) characters. It’s not actually blank, so EagleFiler doesn’t fall back on using the filename, but it looks blank when displayed. Due to the way EagleFiler stores the title on disk, it will get read back in as an actual blank string; therefore, closing and re-opening the library should get it to display the title properly. I’ll add a workaround to the next version of EagleFiler to detect this sort of pseudo-blank title and make it display properly right away.

That’s interesting - you are right, it displayed properly when I restarted EagleFiler. Thank you for the help in following this through. Your response to problems is one reason I stay with EagleFiler, besides the fact that it is a great product.


EagleFiler 1.3.3 works around this problem.

Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.