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Titles v. filenames: why?

I’m comparing Eaglefiler to DevonthinkPro. I’m confused about the double titling on the main page – “titles” and “files.” I find it a little disorienting. What’s the reason for this?

You can hide one or the other column if it bothers you. The idea, though, is that most files intrinsically have a filename and a title that are not the same, so EagleFiler should show both. For example:

  • The PDF, RTF, and Word formats all have a built-in title field. The title may be the document’s title (i.e. the publication title or what will be printed), whereas the filename may be abbreviated or refer to a specific draft.
  • HTML files and Web archives have a page title.
  • E-mail messages have a subject, but multiple messages may be stored in a single mailbox file.
  • Music and video files almost always have a nice descriptive title and a short and cryptic filename on the server.