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"To" for documents

I intend to use EagleFiler as a DMS for managing correspondence. So far, it looks promising. I can edit the “From” but not the “To” however. This is limiting it’s purpose. Is there any way to edit both the “From” and “To” for documents or add an extra field?


Currently, the To field is not editable. It’s a read-only field used when displaying e-mails. However, I agree that it would make sense for it to be editable (like From and Title) in a future version.

In the meantime, perhaps it’s possible to do what you want using tags or the Notes field.

Thanks for the quick followup. I think I’ll opt for using the “from” for the other participant in the correspondence. Looking forward to an editable “to” field!

Similarly, editing the date field (or any metadata) would be nice. EF comes pretty close to the ideal DMS. Any plans on implementing this soon?

The dates for regular files are editable in the Info window. For e-mails they are not editable because e-mails store their own date sent/received internally. They’re based on the header information from the mail server, so they should be correct. Could you explain why you want to change those?

Hi, I’ll only use EF for documents. I didn’t know the info window offered this functionality. The grid view doesn’t. Other fields are editable, but the date isn’t.

Great, I’m glad it already does what you need. Perhaps in a future version I can make the date editable in the records list so that this would be more evident.