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To get library size

How to get current library size in EagleFiler window?

Of course, we can get it via “Finder - Get Information” on ~/main ] (main : library name), it is a bit handy to do such an action everytime for me.

When turning ON in the preference [CalculateFolderSizes], EF shows the size of each subfolder ~/main/Files/sub, …, etc ], however, it seems that we don’t find the size of ~/main/Files ], that is, Records ] itself.

Now, I use Folder Action that enables to show physical size of ~/main/Files ]. This action is activated when any item is adding (importing) into this folder.

Are there other better way to know library size? Applescript needs some time to get the result.

Sorry if I only misunderstand EF.

I could probably advise you better if I knew why you needed to get the library size.

What does your AppleScript look like?

Honestly speaking, the reason is not so solid. As my current plan is to deal a vast of files with multi-library and so I hope to grasp each library size under my control.

Such a plan may come from my old-fashioned style, my long-days-life in Windows world, … , an so on.

Current script is almost the same as OSX example named as [Add - new item alert.scpt], where [get physical size of folder this_folder as integer] is inserted and display this size in dialog.


EagleFiler caches a lot of size information, so it may be faster to ask it rather than the Finder:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    tell library document 1
        set _size to size of root folder
        display dialog _size
    end tell
end tell

I sincerely thank you for showing code.

Using EagleFiler Dictionary of Script Editor, I will try and study this code at once.

Thank you for your kind reply as always.

Best regards,