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To Import (folder) problem

I’ve dropped a few things in the To Import folder that in my case has the name

To Import (my_know_how)

EF is not importing and I don’t know what the reason for this is. The all set-up seems to be the way it should be:

Smart Folders/
To Import (my_know_how)/

Can someone advice me how to proceed as I guess the To Import folder really adds value to the app.
Thanks, Gert

Is the library currently open in EagleFiler?

indeed the library is open as it always is : )

If I close and then reopen the library still nothing happens.

Does it work with a new test library?

Do you see any recent errors in EagleFiler’s log:



It did work with a new library.
No error log messages of any importance or related to this issue.

Checked the permissions in the terminal of new library and my_know_how library. Didn’t see any differences.

A repair permissions with Disk Utility and fresh restart did the trick.


Another Case
Files would not import from the To Import folder in a new Eagle Filer library today. Most odd. I saw the post, rand repair permissions in Disk Utilities. Although I didn’t notice anything EF-related in the resulting blur on Disk Utility, importing now works. So, it’s a second case. Thanks for the posting.

I doubt it was the permissions that made the difference. EagleFiler won’t import files that are currently open, so perhaps the wait during the permissions repair (or the restart, in the previous case) was enough for whichever application was still using the file to relinquish it.

I have not been able to import by putting pdf files in “To Import…” folder for a long time. I have several libraries and none of the import folders work. I eventually have to drag file out, put is elsewhere and do a manual import or drag-drop.

The folders don’t matter; what matters is whether the files are open in another application. You can type “lsof” in Terminal to see which files are open by which applications, or you can log out of your Mac to ensure that none of the files are in use.