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Toggle the view of files in nested folders


Is it possible to toggle the view in the Records Viewer to view all files that reside within nested folders? For example, when we’re at the special folder Records, we can see all files in the library by just scrolling up and down (in the Records panel), but when we move our view to sub-folders this perspective seems to be lost, ie we can see the folders and files at that level, but loose the perspective of the contents of all folders (and files) in levels below. The only solution is to navigate by double clicking in the nested folders (a la Finder) or going through the Source List in the left panel. So the idea would be have the same “kind” of Records view for the folders in a library. (hope this all makes sense). I might be missing something, but couldn’t find any way to toggle this option.

I think this might be related with EagleFiler (EF) treating folders as (atomic/single?) records, and I completely agree with this definition. It is true that most of the time each folder has multiple folders and thousands of files and is better to view these as single entities, however, sometimes I only have a couple of files in a few nested folders and would be better/easier to just look for these files in the Record Viewer at the top-level folder.

Is this option is not yet available, maybe this could be part of the Esoteric preferences in the future (although this would probably require to always close and open EF whenever this option is triggered)? Maybe this could be part of the “View” or “Record” menu?

Thanks for developing EF.

Currently, it works like this by design. You can see the contents of nested folders by:

  • Clicking to select them. For example, you can hold down the Command key and click to multi-select a folder and its subfolders, and then you will see the contents of all of them at once.
  • Making a smart folder that shows the contents of a particular folder and all of its subfolders.
  • Searching—if you have Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags checked, searches will include the subfolders.

There’s also an experimental esoteric preference (click to turn it on/off) that will globally show the nested contents (for all libraries and all folders). If people like this, perhaps I’ll make it into a View menu option.

Thanks Michael,

the first option works perfectly for me. I completely forgot about the simple clicking in the Source List…