Too many trained

Often, when I select a select a single message in the Inbox and “Train as Spam”, that single message plus the message right after the selected message are both sent to Junk. In other words, SpamSieve grabs a good message that wasn’t even selected and sends it to Junk, where I have to select the message and Train as Good to get it back where it belongs. I don’t see any way around this bug.

I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Which mail client are you using? Which view are you in? Are messages being grouped by conversation?

  • Apple Mail 16.0
  • All Inboxes
  • No, not grouped by conversation
  • The two messages are never related to one another

Does this still occur if you select the messages in an individual account’s inbox?

It may be that Mail’s database is damaged so that it thinks the messages are duplicates and selects both when you select just one. If so, doing a complete database rebuild should help.