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Toolbar Zoom Buttons change RTF font size

The help says: “The Zoom In and Zoom Out commands now work with Web archives, where they change the font size.” Well and good, but for RTF documents that’s what the font size buttons do. The current behavior forced me to individually resize every table in what had been a perfectly formatted document (originally created in Nisus Writer Pro). This proved so difficult that I had to copy and paste from an earlier draft. Please have zooming change only the viewing magnification for RTF documents.



This won’t be in the next version, but I do plan to make the zooming controls distinct from the font controls. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. For now, I’ll make sure to edit documents that contain tables only in Nisus Writer Pro. To remind myself, I’ll replace the zoom controls in the toolbar with the font controls. As it turned out, I could have written a short NWP macro to do the table reformatting-had I only remembered!

Undo should also work, if you haven’t clicked on another record.