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ToothFairy 2.4.6

The following was posted on the ToothFairy blog:

Version 2.4.6 of ToothFairy is now available. This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • The shell script text views now use a monospaced font for better readability of punctuation characters.
  • The shell script text views now disable automatic quote and dash substitution so that you don’t accidentally get smart punctuation in your scripts.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the Preferences
    window didn’t always bring it to the front. - Fixed a bug where the disconnection script was not run.
  • Fixed a bug where there was extra space at the end of the tooltip when hovering over the menu bar icon.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the menu bar icons were not centered when the battery indicator was visible.
  • Updated the German localization.

ToothFairy 2.4.6 works with macOS 10.11 through 10.13 and requires a Bluetooth device.