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ToothFairy 2.7.3 incorrectly claims disconnected

I am running Catalina
My magic trackpad 2 was about 7% charged. The icon showed disconnected. I clicked and it reconnected. I plugged the charger in and the icon showed charging. After a while a dialogue box appears saying disconnected. Clicking the icon shows charging for a little while and shows connected and repeats itself
The preference pain shows connected all the time but only changes charge level after completely quitting system, preferences and launching it again
The bluetooth menu item shows charging all the time and shows and in creasing charge level.
The large item that floats over the screen showing a keypad only showed disconnected once. It then showed connected after clicking tooth fairy menu. Thereafter it has not appeared

Thanks for the report. It may be that macOS is incorrectly telling ToothFairy that the trackpad has disconnected. I’ll look into whether it’s possible to detect that situation.

I charged my apple keyboard. I got the same dialogue box about being disconnected which I dismissed by saying OK. At one point it had disconnected. Neither toothfairy nor the bluetooth preference could connect until I disconnected the charging cabe when everything seems to have returned to normal