ToothFairy 2.8.3

Version 2.8.3 of ToothFairy is now available.

This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • Made various improvements to the workaround for the macOS issue that could prevent the sound output from being set when connecting a device. The workaround is successful more often, avoids unnecessary disconnections when the sound output spontaneously fixes itself, and it better handles devices that have been put away or manually disconnected.
  • The menu bar icon now shows when ToothFairy is fixing the sound output. An arrow in a solid circle indicates that the device is currently connected but in the process of disconnecting. An arrow with no circle indicates that the device is waiting to reconnect.
  • ToothFairy no longer reports that the sound output is not set when the device isn’t connected, anyway.
  • Fixed a problem where the progress spinner could stay visible forever, even after the device disconnected.
  • Fixed a problem where ToothFairy could show a Bluetooth connection failure error message for connections that the user did not initiate.

ToothFairy 2.8.3 works with macOS 10.13 through macOS 13 and requires a Bluetooth device. In-depth information about ToothFairy is available in the manual.