ToothFairy 2.8.4

Version 2.8.4 of ToothFairy is now available.

This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • The battery info updates more quickly after connecting a device.
  • The Run shell script after connecting/disconnecting help page now explains how to trigger a shortcut.
  • ToothFairy is better at remembering the current sound input device so that the Improve sound quality by disabling audio input from device feature will restore the proper one after connecting a new device.
  • You can now pull down a device’s menu while the connection progress indicator is spinning.
  • ToothFairy no longer shows arrow icons while it’s in the process of fixing the sound output, as this was confusing. Instead, it will continue showing the device as half-connected until it’s done. You can still see what’s happening with the fixing via the tooltip and the menu item text.
  • If the feature to fix the sound output is disabled, clicking the half-connected device icon now disconnects the device instead of doing nothing.
  • Each help page now has a link to a Google translation so you can view it in a different language.
  • Updated the French localization.
  • Fixed a bug where the progress indicator wouldn’t stop if you clicked the menu bar icon when using the Don’t disconnect when clicking icon or pressing hotkey option.
  • Made various fixes and updates to prevent Cocoa from logging warnings.
  • Made various threading improvements.
  • The build number is now displayed in a tooltip in the About tab.
  • Mac App Store receipt validation works better on Macs with damaged Ethernet ports.
  • The Setapp version of ToothFairy now requires macOS 12 or later, due to updating to version 4.1.0 of their framework.

ToothFairy 2.8.4 works with macOS 10.13 through macOS 14 and requires a Bluetooth device. In-depth information about ToothFairy is available in the manual.