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Toothfairy for iOS

I like the idea of Toothfairy and it makes life so much easier.

However sometimes I’m also struggle connection my AirPods with my iPhone.
For example after using them with my Mac I want to make a call, the phone is ringing, and the AirPods do not connect. That leaves me switching to speaker, then go to home screen -> settings -> bluetooth -> connect AirPods.

It would be so much better just to have an icon on the home screen “connect AirPods”.

Unfortunately I am not as good in making apps as in other things…

Perhaps we can implement something like that someday. However, for now, you should never need to go to Home > Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone. Once the AirPods have been used with the iPhone once, you should be able to switch to them using the audio button in the app. There’s one in the phone app and in most audio apps, as well as in Control Center.

well unfortunately that does not always work.
When they are still connected to another phone/Mac they sometimes won’t switch.

So looks like I gotta wait until that day arrives. It would be so great if you could think about an implementation.