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Toothfairy unusable

I am running TootFairy 2.74 with OSX10.15.7
Since updating Toothfairy does not appear in the menu bar, I’m no sure it logs in at start up.
The respective boxes are checked.
To bring it up I use Launchbar which shows the menu items for a few seconds before disappearing. The preference pane does appear. I have no way of quitting to have the dock menu appear. It is not in the force quit list.
Thank you

We’ve not heard other reports of this happening, so I’m not sure what might be causing this. You can use the Activity Monitor app and look in the list on the CPU tab to see whether ToothFairy is running or not. This can also be used to quit the app.

It would be helpful if you could send in any crash log files, along with a diagnostic report.

Thanks for sending the information. The crash log seems to be from a process unrelated to ToothFairy. There are no relevant errors reported in ToothFairy’s log. I can confirm that the Dock icon is set to be shown. In Console, it may be necessary to click Start Streaming before it will show the log entries that you can select and share. I would suggest doing that, entering “ToothFairy” in the search box, and then launching ToothFairy. Hopefully then it will show the errors related to the launch/quit, and you can then copy/share them.

Also, are you using any menu bar utilities such as Bartender?