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“Train as good” doesn’t work anymore

I’m on an old MacPro (2013) and have only recently (September 11) moved to Big Sur. Before that I was using Mojave.

SpamSieve (2.9.45) won’t move messages to the inbox when I “Train as Good” (using the mouse and Message menu). Nothing happens at all.

I rarely find good messages in the Spam mailboxes so I don’t know if the problem actually started with Big Sur. Probably…

I access Mail from my iPad and iPhone but mostly for reading the messages. I do have a MacBook but very rarely use it for mail. Anyway, SpamSieve is installed only on the MacPro. And it has been working fine for many years.

I have deactivated MyPoint Light. SpamSieve has Full Disk Access in System Preferences. I have not changed the names of the mailboxes.

What should I do?

Thanks for any help.

I think SpamSieve 2.9.46b1, currently in public beta, works around the Mail error that can cause this.

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That is good news. However, you don’t recommend using the public betas on the main mac, so I’ll just wait till the final version of 2.9.46 comes out. No hurry. I can fix things by hand till then.

I don’t recommend using a beta version of macOS on your main Mac. The beta version of SpamSieve should be fine. This is just a small maintenance update.

Obviously, I read that post too quickly. Sorry. I have now installed SpamSieve beta. I had already moved the message that I couldn’t train previously so I’ll wait for the next one, which may take some time.

Thanks for correcting my error.