Train as good ERASES the message

More and more frequently, I have an issue where if I train a message in my Junk folder as good, the message gets erased. Just the subject header remains (sometimes the message disappears altogether, but let’s stick to the one).

I use 1and1 mail via IMAP and Apple Mail on an M2 Mac running 14.4.

You may be seeing one of the issues mentioned here, with another Mac or filter interfering or this could simply be a Mail or server bug. There are various fixes suggested there, such as rebuilding Mail’s database. If you go to Mail’s Accounts settings, is the Junk mailbox set to be stored on the server or On My Mac?

Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve read your links…no other Mac is doing any filtering and my Accounts Settings are correct, so I’ll rebuild the database and get back to you. Thanks again!