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Train as good mail returns to Spam in a few seconds

Email from two particular vendors (Techsmith & 37signals) are going into my spam folder. When I train as good they move to the inbox. If then wait or view the inbox they retun to the spam folder. I have also manually whitelisted these emails.

Here is video showing this in action



SpamSieve only acts on new messages, so I don’t think it could be responsible for this. It’s hard for me to see what’s going on due to the video’s cropping, but my guess would be that either your mail server’s filter is moving the messages (if you have an IMAP or Exchange account) or else you have another Mail plug-in installed that’s moving the messages or re-applying a rule that moves them.

Not very often, but now and again I have the same problem. Even if I move the emails in question manually back into my inbox, they immediately are moved back into the spam folder. If I quit SpamSieve I can move the emails manually and they stay there. A restart of SpamSieve doens’t affect the emails in question again.

I’m using IMAP accounts.

I don’t think quitting SpamSieve is actually making the difference because there is no connection between SpamSieve and messages that are just sitting in Mail. My guess is that your Mail database file is damaged so that it (sometimes) isn’t able to save the fact that you moved the messages. To rebuild the database, you could quit Mail and then delete the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

I understand what you’re saying. I’ll keep this in mind and try to rebuild the mail index the next time the problem occurs.