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"Train as good" no longer moves mail to inbox


I use SpamSieve on a MacBook with Apple Mail. In the past, when I selected 'train as good" on a message, it was automatically moved from “spam” to my Inbox. But I recently updated my Mac to OS Catalina and SpamSieve 2.9.39, and it no longer does so. It just leaves the message in the spam mailbox, which is very annoying. I can’t find any way to set it to do what it used to, which was to also move the message to my Inbox. Any suggestions? Thank you.

By default, SpamSieve will move messages that you train as good to the inbox if you are training them from the Spam mailbox. This can be configured using the Change Settings command.

You can also click this link to enable some extra debug logging. Then if you search the Console app for AppleMailScriptDebug it will show you what’s happening when you train the message. For example, it will say whether SpamSieve is trying to move the message (and maybe encountered an error) or whether for some reason it decided not to.