Train as Good/Spam Greyed Out Not Available

Not sure when this started but I can no longer train a missed spam or a false positive. SS 3.0 on Sonoma 14.0 In the SpamSieve icon or from the menu bar, options are greyed out.

To be clear, to train from Apple Mail, you should be using the menu commands at the top of the menu, as highlighted in blue:

These are enabled when Apple Mail (or Outlook) is the frontmost app (i.e. shown next to the Apple menu).

The commands in SpamSieve’s Message menu are for use within the SpamSieve app itself and operate on the message that’s selected in the Corpus or Log window.

Thank you. Primarily a brain cramp on my part, despite 23 years of Mac only computing. Mail was not active and I was attempting to pull down and select from the menu bar unsuccessfully.

The data in the second paragraph was not clear from my initial reading–I thought either command from either location could be used on the selected message in my mail inbox. It seems to work that way too, but I will defer to the menu bar commands going forward.