'Train as Good' & 'Train as Spam' are dimmed - macOS 14.4 SpamSieve3.0.3

I have investigated and experimented but cannot get the menu functions under ‘Available in Apple Mail and Outlook’ to be accessible.

Any suggestion about how to troubleshoot this problem will be appreciated.


They are available when Apple Mail or Outlook is the active app. That’s how SpamSieve knows which app you mean to train from.

They are not available when Apple_Mail is open.

I don’t use OutLook.


They have returned to function.
When an email is selected the words are no longer dimmed. But the proposed keystrokes, e.g., ‘^⌘S’ are still dimmed.

Most importantly the functions have returned with both click and keystrokes.

Sorry for the ephemeral issue.

Both my MAC and my phone have been cranky the last 2 days. I hope nothing is amiss.

Thanks for the great software.


That’s just the way macOS displays all keyboard shortcuts these days.