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Train As Good using Outlook for Mac Scripts... Where did the message go?

I have a G Suite account set up in Outlook 2016 for Mac, and I’ve been using the Outlook Scripts and the Filter Mailbox “app” for some time now. So far, so good. Unfortunately I think I missed a step in the setup of the G Suite account and I don’t appear to have the InboxSpamSieve folder. If I did “Train As Good” from the scripts menu, and a message in the Spam folder successfully got added to the Whitelist… where did the message go (if I don’t have that folder)? I can’t find it anywhere!

Without the InboxSpamSieve folder, it can still work, but it may be very slow because it has to look over all the messages in the inbox in order to find which are new.

There is no connection between training and the InboxSpamSieve folder. When you train a message as good, it moves to the regular inbox (unless you have disabled that feature using the Change Settings command). If training a message as good makes it disappear, that can mean that another computer saw the message added to the inbox, thought it was new, and filtered it to a different folder (possibly one that’s only on that computer).

I verified that I had the setting to move “not spam” messages to the Inbox of each account. I also don’t have any other computers, only my iPhone, and it doesn’t have any rules. I was able to find the from: email address in a search, and I found the message, but I have no idea what folder it was in (or if it was somehow in another account). I tried moving it to an inbox, but Outlook wouldn’t let me. Since I got what I needed from the email, I was able to delete it, but I’m curious if there is any log that SpamSieve creates for when things get moved according to the rules/settings.

You can use the View menu to show additional columns in Outlook for the Folder and account to see where the message is.

Not for this particular case because it always just tells Outlook to move the message to the inbox. It doesn’t have any control or visibility into which inbox Outlook picked.