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Train as Good won't work sometimes


Several emails that I add to by address book and train as good, continually return to my spam folder. How can I fix that?


If Use Mac OS X Address Book is checked in the preferences, SpamSieve won’t classify messages from senders in your address book as spam. And if Use SpamSieve whitelist is checked, SpamSieve won’t classify a message as spam if another message with the same sender was trained as good (exception: if you had also trained such a message as spam).

Therefore…if you are seeing these messages go to the Spam mailbox, and you have those boxes checked, the messages are probably not going to the Spam mailbox because of SpamSieve. (You can use the Open Log command to see for sure.) Please make sure that you have no rules in your mail program or on your mail server that move messages to the Spam mailbox.