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Train as Spam Bounces Back

In my case, when I mark an email as Spam the email seems to go to the Spam folder then it bounces back to the inbox. I’m on a newly clean installed copy of High Sierra.

Any help is appreciated.

Please try a complete rebuild of your Mail database.

Complete Mail Database Rebuild Doesn’t Fix My Issue

Did a complete rebuild and the problem remains. It seems that when I “Train as Spam” twice it seems to stick. Is it a timing issue? Should I reinstall?

Thanks again.

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

No, I don’t think reinstalling SpamSieve is going to make Mail respond in a different way when asked to move a message.

Since rebuilding the Mail database didn’t help, it might be an issue with the mail server or with Mail’s communication with the server. It might help to change the settings to use a Spam mailbox on the server instead of On My Mac.