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Train as Spam, not working right?

I have installed the latest version (2.9.13) and am using with Apple Mail 7.2. The speed of training has been increased significantly however I am having an odd behavior with training.

When I select Train as Spam, the email selected is animated and moved up to the trash as expected but the operation doesn’t stop and the next email down is also moved to the trash. The selected email, now in the trash, is marked as spam. The next email, also in trash, is not marked as spam.

How do I stop the routine such that only the selected email is ‘trained’ and sent to the trash?

BTW, I have running the ‘AppleMailTrainSpamGUIScripting’.
Thank you in advance for your help and great product.

It sounds like maybe you are pressing the “Train as Spam” keyboard shortcut twice in a row. Please make sure that you wait for the training to complete before pressing it again.

Nope. I’m being very careful about that.

Does the problem occur if you turn off AppleMailTrainSpamGUIScripting?

What about if you switch back to using the Spam mailbox?

As suggested, I disabled esoteric preferences (AppleMailTrainSpamGUIScripting), and everything now works correctly. BTW, the speed seemed just as fast as prior to de-activating.

Thank you,

OK, if the speed without the GUI scripting option is fine, then there’s no reason for you to use that option.