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Train as spam not working

I’ve recently been pestered with a few emails: ‘From’ Facebook, Subject ‘You have notifications pending’. I have no dealings with Facebook at all.

When I try ‘Message > SpamSieve - Train As Spam’, the offending email stays in my Mail Inbox. It won’t budge until I manually move it to the Spam folder. This is the only email that won’t respond to SpamSieve.

I’m using SpamSieve 2.8.6. My OS is Mac OS 10.6.8, and I use Apple’s Mail app, version 4.5.

I’m wondering why this problem, though seemingly minor, should occur. Can anyone help?

Try opening the attached file in AppleScript Editor. Select the message in Mail, then click the Run button in AppleScript Editor and note what error it reports and which line is selected.

Thanks for replying, Michael.

I had manually put the offending emails into the Trash and deleted them before I got your reply, which I wish I hadn’t done.

Now when I get the same offending c**p supposedly from Facebook, SpamSieve deals with it just fine. I also have ClamXav installed and it flags up an alert when these emails arrive.

I’m covered, it seems.

I’ll hang on to the attachment you sent and use it in future if ever the problem recurs.

Yes, I recommend saving any messages that you can’t train. Otherwise, there may be no way (short of resetting the corpus) to undo incorrect information that SpamSieve may have learned from them.

Understood. Thanks.

Sorry to revive and old thread…but this deals with the Applescript you attached.

I have the same facebook spam mail and another one, that no matter what I do (train as spam or manually add to the block list) they keep coming as good messages.

I selected the message in question and run the script…but no error is reported (just a long list of what seems to be every step it executed under the event log > Replies window…all other windows are empty).

Can you elaborate a little more on this?


The test script is for when you train a message as spam and the message does not (right then) move to the Spam mailbox. Are you having that problem? If not, please see the regular Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page.