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'Train As Spam' should change flag color in Apple Mail


I am using the rules in Apple Mail (Lion) to flag the messages with the appropriate colors based on their spaminess. That allows me to create a smart mailbox that catches all the “Uncertain Spam” which I can then train correctly. It would be great if Train As Spam would actually correct the flag color. Or at least remove the flags automatically.

You should not be training as spam the messages that SpamSieve already caught as spam. This includes “Uncertain Spam.”

Is there any actual downside to training an uncertain message as spam? Wouldn’t that ensure that similar messages in the future get flagged with a higher spam score?

Yes, it can lead to good messages misidentified as spam and also make SpamSieve slower to adapt to new types of messages. For this reason, I recommend that you only correct the mistakes and then use the Auto-train with incoming mail feature, which will let SpamSieve itself decide which non-trained messages to learn from.

Thanks for the great input!

I’ve added this feature in SpamSieve 2.9.6.