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Train as Spam - Train as Good has stopped working

I have Apple OS 10.83 and Apple Mail. I am a registered user of SpamSieve, and everything was working fine. But yesterday I noticed a message in my inbox that didnt belong, and when I tried to Train as Spam, it never moved, just stayed in my inbox. I read some forums here, I tried reinstalling, nothing. I tried running the Apple plugin again, nothing. I tried the SpamSieve - Change Settings and walked through the steps again, nothing. Not sure whats going on. When I try to Train as Spam, I see the Messge light up on my Apple mail, but nothing moves. I went back through the steps for junk mail settings etc too. Nothing works. Any advice?

Did the message change color? Also, please see Sending in an Error Report.

No it didn’t change color. I have created the log and have it attached.

My Log.log (360 KB)

The log says:

6/5/13 6:23:31.204 AM Mail[19021] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: SpamSieveLaunchAgent is not running. It may be necessary to re-install SpamSieve’s Apple Mail plug-in or restart your Mac.

Did you try restarting your Mac?