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Train as spam without opening

I have been using spamsieve for about a year, and I’ve been getting more and more spam coming in. I’ve heard that if you open a spam message, it tells the sender that you’re a “real” person, and so they send you more. The problem is that when you train a message as spam (I use Mac Mail), it first “opens” it (i.e. marks it as read), and then moves it to spam box. Is there any way to mark a message not caught as spam…as spam without having it opening it?


Telling the sender that you’re a real person is triggered by displaying the message and loading any remote images that it references. You can prevent this from happening by unchecking “Display remote images in HTML messages” in Mail’s preferences.

This is totally separate from whether the message is marked as read and anything that SpamSieve does when you train it.

More on keeping spam from opening
Yeah, I know about that, but that would be a global preference. What I’d like to be able to do is have just the spam message not “open” as soon as you click on it, which is what Mail seems to always do. I’d like my regular/acceptable messages to download the images/open, but for those messages that are spam, I just want to mark them as spam/push to the spam folder without having them actually download the images for that message. Do you know if that’s possible?

Thanks again!

If you’re concerned about this, you need a global preference because you can’t always tell that a message is spam before clicking on it. You can always click the button to Load Images after you’ve determined that the message isn’t spam.

If you select more than one message at a time or collapse the viewer pane, Mail will let you select the messages without displaying them.