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Train Commands not working in El Capitan

Over the past 3-4 weeks I have been encountering a problem with SpamSieve catching “good” email in my Junk folder. Here is further information about the problems I encounter:


  1. Catching “good” emails sent from an online registration I use for my business and putting them in junk folder. I have built Whitelist rules to correct this problem as they all have the same Subject. However, these rules appear to not work
  2. Training as Good does not move the email back to the inbox and the log shows it is training - but the software does not learn and continues to make the same mistake
  3. Puts all Junk mail in Junk Mail folder in Apple Mail - not the Spam folder on my mac.


  1. Turned off Junk Mail enabled in Apple Mail
  2. Built White list rules to try and correct
  3. Uninstalled Mail plug in and reinstalled
  4. Ensured SpamSieve Rule is built and first rule in the rules section


  1. Macbook Air running 10.11.3
  2. SpamSieve 2.9.24
  3. Using Apple Mail
  4. Have plugins - MailButler (new and may be the source of the problem), Mail ActOn, MailTags

Please help.

SpamSieve puts messages messages in the Spam mailbox. If the messages are instead going to the Junk mailbox, that is probably because of a junk filter on your mail server. SpamSieve whitelist rules normally can’t protect you from the server junk filter because it gets rid of the messages before they even get to your Mac.

Your options are to turn off the server junk filter or to configure SpamSieve to fish good messages out of the Junk mailbox.