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Train or import

Following up from the thread about setting up my home computer as the drone.

I have trained my work computer a bit and am getting a lot less spam. I am deleting all my old spam emails as far as possible and will archive the rest once I get a hang of the EagleFiler.

So my question at this stage is given that I will have to set up the SpamSieve from scratch on my home computer is it better to train it from scratch as a drone computer or import the training from my work computer?

Here are my work computer stats?

Filtered Mail
0 Good Messages
0 Spam Messages
0 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
0 False Positives
0 False Negatives
0.0% Correct

583 Good Messages
876 Spam Messages (60%)
130,295 Total Words

239 Blocklist Rules
2,744 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
17/12/2013 12:07

You can transfer the training data from the Mac that already has it working well.

It looks like you’ve trained it but don’t have it set up to process incoming messages. Or, at least, it hasn’t done so in a couple days.