Train Spam/Goood Menu Items Missing

Using Spamsieve 3.0.1, having followed the migrate from earlier versions instructions as closely as I can, the Train Good, Train Spam menu items are not appearing.

MacBook Pro 15 (2018)

MacOS 14.0

Due to changes in macOS 14, the training commands have moved from the Message menu in Mail to the SpamSieve menu bar icon and SpamSieve Dock menu (if you click and hold on the Dock icon):

So you can’t have them on the Messages menu? That is not intuitive at all. For those of us with larger screens, going to the SpamSieve menu is a long way to go and slows things down. Any chance of changing it back?

Correct. That’s no longer possible with Apple removing support for Mail plug-ins.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts or the Dock menu.

Please send feedback to Apple that you would like Mail extensions to be able to add menu items.