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Trained as Good keeps go to Spam Box


Properly me who make something wrong, but I got this little problem with a mail from known source that keeps treated as spam.

MacBook pro
OS X 10.8.3
MS Outlook for Mac 14.3.4
SpamSieve 2.9.7 (registered)
Mixture of POP and IMAP accounts

One known source sends several emails daily lets say 3, then one or two of them ends up in the spam box.
I Train as good and the mails pops back to the inbox as unread. but the next time email or emails from same source arrives one or two of the mails ends again up in the spam box.


Shall I reset Corpus?
Shall I add to white list manually?
The SpanSieve Log is quite big 4MB, shall I delete?

Thanks in advance - Steen

SpamSieve is very cautious about putting e-mails in the Spam mailbox. If you’ve ever trained one of these as good, the address would already be on the whitelist, and the only reasons the message would go to the Spam mailbox are:

  1. You had also trained messages from this address as spam. In this case, the address would be on the whitelist but unchecked; you should check it.
  2. Or, some other software is moving the messages. In this case, the problem is not related to SpamSieve, so you don’t need to change anything in SpamSieve.

It’s best to check SpamSieve’s log to see whether it predicted these messages to be spam.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your answers.

You were right there were entries in both the white and black lists.

So - maybe the wrong - approach, but I deleted the entries in both lists and deleted the SpamSieve Log.log, where I now see a Trained: Good (Manual) and a Predicted: Good, so I will monitor over the next few days.

Thanks - Steen

I do not recommend deleting any rules or the log. Instead, you should find the whitelist rule and make sure it’s checked, like I said in #1. Secondly, I would suggest searching the log to see which and how many messages from this address you had trained as spam. It makes a difference whether the messages were trained as spam by mistake or whether you received actual spam from this address.

Got it Michael,

Thanks - Steen

My wife is having a similar issue

Postbox 3.0.8 (IMAP account)
SpamSieve 2.9.7
Mac OSX 10.8.4

Emails are appearing as Spams repeatedly, they are on the white list and checked and in the case of a few, they have counts next to them. They are not on the block list. I click on the email and click Not Spam. They disappear for a second but then return to the Junk email folder within seconds. The log file shows that the email was manually marked as not spam. Right now there are about 20 of these in the Junk folder that are in this white listed state. Junk mail setting are per the documentation and none of the Trust emails setting nor Spam Assassin setting are checked.


It sounds like your mail server, not SpamSieve, is doing this. You can confirm by checking whether SpamSieve’s log says “Predicted: Spam” for those messages.

Sorry had a network outage. I checked the log file and I don’t see “Predicted: Spam” for those messages. While the network was out, I had my wife try and mark as good on her office Mac and none of the email returned to the Junk folder. Her office Mac is pretty much the same except for running the latest version of 10.7 rather than mountain lion.