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Training Mac for the first time - lost in the instructions!

I’ve downloaded the test version and am trying to set it up. I’ve read the training section repeatedly. What I can’t find is how to execute the steps.

I see instructions on how many emails to test with; what percentage of spam to test with; what not to do.

What I don’t see: what am I actually, physically doing? I have x amount of emails in my Mac inbox. The right percentage of them are spam. Do I select them and drag them somewhere? Select them and execute a pulldown command? How do I proceed to train with those selected emails?

I’ve already granted permissions to the app. It doesn’t seem to have a physical presence within Mac Mail. Should I be able to see a folder or other visual cue that the app is installed and ready to train?

I appreciate any help - can’t wait to test this. Thanks!

Yes, you should use the SpamSieve - Train as Good or SpamSieve - Train as Spam command in the Message menu in Mail. This is described in Step 8.

Yes, the Setting Up Apple Mail instructions explain how to do this and what to do if you don’t see the commands.

Michael, thank you so much. I was following instructions under 3.11: Do An Initial Training. It didn’t occur to me to look in a different section. Off to train my filters!