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Training not working on POP mail account


I have an iMac running 11.6.1 and using mail 14.0. SpamSieve was working perfectly until I upgraded it.
What is happening is new mail that’s coming in is being filtered but when one slips through when I try to train it it won’t move to the junk folder.When I go to the junk folder and try to train the mail as good it won’t move that either.

So here’s what’s weird I take a sample Mail out of my junk folder and put it in my inbox and I click train as spam, nothing happens. But then when I go to the message drop-down menu and click apply rule it moves it to the spam folder?

I went through the initial set up several times and made sure all my preferences were correct, all my accounts have different names. Another thing I have three male accounts and it is still working in the two IMAP accounts but not my main POP account???

Thanks for any help this is been a good spam filter but I need to get this bug worked out.


Most likely, the messages are being trained; they just aren’t being moved. You can confirm whether training is happening by looking in the log.

Please try updating to the public beta version and see whether that fixes the issues with moving the messages. If not, please send in a diagnostic report via e-mail so we can investigate further.


Here’s a diagnostic report what is funny messages are being trained in two of my email accounts but not in my primary one?
Thank you for your help if I can get this worked out I want to try to move on to see if I can get this installed on my iPhone!

The last couple of entries show a few I tried to trade that did not work, and one on one of my other accounts that did.

I hope there’s no confidential information in this! ha


SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz (2.94 MB)

Thanks, however, it does not look like you updated to the public beta version. I also recommend that you click this link to enable some debug logging. Then please train another message as spam and, if it doesn’t move, send in a new diagnostic report.

There is some information about the senders and subjects of the e-mails that you received, which is why I recommend that you submit the diagnostic report via e-mail rather than posting it in the public forum. (I’ve deleted the first report that you posted.)


I updated to the beta version and it still is acting exactly the same…


OK, could you please enable debug logging, train a message, and save a diagnostic report as described above?

There’s a new public beta, SpamSieve 2.9.47b3, which I think may fix the problem.

This is fixed in SpamSieve 2.9.47.