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training not working

Running Spam Sieve 2.8.7 on Lion.

I am receiving messages from the same sender and each time one arrives I use the Train as Spam function. All the messages have the same ‘from’ email address. The messages are moved to the Spam mailbox.

But messages from that sender are never processed automatically by Spam Sieve.

This is happening with all of the messages I have tried to ‘train as spam’.

So far I haven’t seen Spam Sieve do anything automatically.

The corpus shows 56 spam messages. Filtered mail shows 0 good and 0 spam messages. There are 94 blocklist rules.

In preferences on the advanced tab the ‘strategy’ slider is set 4.5.

Where have I gone wrong?

This means that Mail is not letting SpamSieve see any of the incoming messages. Please check the setup.

Ahhh. Thanks. I guess you could say RTFM :>)