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training spamsieve with multiple computers

Just signed up and started using spamsieve and I love it so far. I use a laptop most of the time, but I have a desktop sitting at home that’s always on. I would use the laptop as the spam sieve computer, but there are a lot of times when the computer isn’t running, and in that case my iphone would get bombarded with spam. So I’d like to run spamsieve on my desktop at home, which is on all the time.

I’ve been browsing through the forum about using multiple computers and I understand it’s best to have one computer with auto-training on. The question I haven’t been able to find an answer to, is if I train spamsieve on my laptop when I it gets spam right or wrong, will that do anything? Otherwise I would have to remember when spam comes in, wait until I get home, and then train the desktop spamsieve app when it makes mistakes. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not exactly ideal either. What makes it worse is that I will be traveling for a long time coming up soon, and won’t be able to access the desktop, so I won’t be able to train it at all.

Does my question make sense?

If you won’t be able to access the desktop to train it, you can simply turn off auto-training. Then it won’t really matter that you can’t correct it; you could delete any spam as you see it. It would be simpler to only run SpamSieve on the desktop than to have two Macs running it on the same mail account.

A second option would be to use the drone setup so that you can remotely train SpamSieve on your desktop via the laptop or iPhone.

Having trouble figuring out how to do this drone setup. The link you provided doesn’t work. There’s mention of it in the manual and a tutorial at this link:


Which also doesn’t work. Any help out there?

Unfortunately, the entire MacMerc Web site is down right now. I’ll try to write up a new copy of the instructions.

Please try these instructions for setting up the spam filtering drone.

So I set up the drone, but nothing seems to be happening. I moved the spam folder to the imap account and set up the scripts, but when I move a message to the trainspam folder, it doesn’t do anything. What could the problem be? The only thing that confused me a little in the tutorial was the account name I’m supposed to change on the scripts. Where would I find that? I used what’s listed in the description field in the accounts tab in preferences.

Oops, nevermind, it is working now. It just took a while. I don’t really understand how it works. I guess it doesn’t move the messages to the spam folder from the trainspam folder in real time? It seems to sync every now and then?

Yes, you should use the account name from Mail’s preferences.

It will check the training folders when new messages arrive in the inbox.