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Training Spamsieve

In the past few weeks I have been receiving a large number of spam emails that all contain a line in the body text “Your Name Henrynaw”. Initially they originated from different emails in .ch but now appear as if I have sent them to myself. Before I installed a trial version of Spamsieve I created my own content rule in Apple Mail and wonder if I should start using it again as at the moment these messages are getting past SpamSieve and I wonder if the app will always have problems with this type of message or if it is just the case that I have not marked enough as spam.

I’m guessing that my Corpus scores are still to new and few and also in the wrong ratio:
526 good messages
57 Spam messages
44,972 total words
40 Blocklist Rules
204 Whitelist Rules

Any comments will be welcomed.
best wishes

First, please follow the How do I make SpamSieve catch spams sent from my own address? instructions.

Thanks for your very prompt reply - changes made and fingers now crossed!

The changes worked like a charm - many thanks again for the link to the instructions. I will be buying a licence.


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