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Training with Postbox 3

I can’t see how to train SpamSieve when using Postbox 3.0.2.

It looks like the junk mail options have been simplified in this version so that you can only toggle the status of its spamminess. So I can mark a message in my inbox as spam, or a message in the spam folder as non-spam. This is made worse by my using google apps accounts, which catch the majority of spam before it is ever seen by the mail client.

So to give SpamSieve a decent training spam corpus I need to mark a batch of stuff already in my spam folder as non-spam, then go to the inbox and remark it as spam (and similar for non-spam training). This basically sucks…

Is there any way other than doing the spam/non-spam dance?


That’s bad because it will mess up the rules. In this situation it’s best to simply train SpamSieve with mistakes (for which Postbox will show the proper button) and skip the initial training. SpamSieve will automatically learn from the incoming messages, without your having to mark them as junk or not junk.