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Sorry…but I dont have time to read thru the forums for an answer.

Someone please tell me in idiot terms how to re train my SS

I have a regular set of posts each day coming in from CrunchGear, SpaceDailyExpress, geology News, Universe today etc and no matter how many times I train as good…they randomly end up caught as spam. In particular VersionTracker is always caught as spam.

So whats the deal to set this up correctly? I dont want to have to go into Mail/Prefs/Rules and do a setup…SS should do this?

I currently have SS and Junk active in Rules

OK…for the dummies…

I don’t expect anyone to read the forum archives, but please read the frequently asked questions. Two of the questions are relevant here.

The problem is probably not related to SpamSieve’s training. It may not even be related to SpamSieve. You can see whether SpamSieve thought these messages were spam by looking at the log.

You need to go into Mail’s preferences and delete any junk rules that you’ve created and turn off Mail’s built-in junk mail filter. There should only be one spam/junk rule in Mail’s preferences: the “SpamSieve” rule.