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Trash Folder in Files is receiving entries from LaunchBar instant send to Mac trash


I just installed LaunchBar and was using the instant send feature to send files from finder
to the Mac trashcan. I noticed that each time I did that, it would put the files in the Mac trashcan and there would also be a copy of the same files in the EagleFiler->Files->Trash folder as well.
It would then start uploading files to my iCloud account and filling it up.

Has anyone using LaunchBar experienced this before?


I’m not sure why LaunchBar would be sending the file to two different locations. Maybe that’s a question for Objective Development. You could probably uncheck the EagleFiler Trash folder in your LaunchBar index if you don’t want it to present that folder as an option. Note that if you delete a file from Finder rather than EagleFiler, EagleFiler will report it as missing.

I fail to understand the purpose of this. Why would not deleting them right away?


I was looking for a quick way to delete files from finder but not have to drag them. I was trying to perform that function in Launchbar. I found out after the fact, that I could have just used the Mac OS keyboard shortcut after selecting the files, and send to trash.

During this process I found out a couple of things.

  1. I should have checked to see if there was a built in way to delete the selected files first.

  2. I was using Launchbar incorrectly. After looking carefully I was performing and instant-send of the files to Launchbar but was selecting the Trash that showed up first in the list. This happened to be the Trash folder in EagleFiler. I didn’t pay attention to the small text in Launchbar where it was really going.

  3. The files were sent to the EagleFiler Trash and they did not go in the Mac Trash even though I thought they were since I had the same set of files in there from another delete.

I should have debugged a littler further into what was really going on before posting and I also was trying to use a new tool to do something when the built in command for deleting would have been much easier.

I hope that helps in understanding what I was doing at the time.

Woa, I read too many negative thoughts: “I should have checked”, “I was using Launchbar incorrectly”, “I thought I…”, “I should have debbugged…”

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re fine, you did the right thing asking here. We are all learners.

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Agreed, I am always trying to learn something new.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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