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Trial not fully functional

I have been testing out SpamSieve so I am still learning the system. The program is on my hard drive but for some reason it is no longer fully functional. ( I recently updated the new Java app. from apple). Nothing happens when I try to open the corpus, white and blacklists or the help file. The manual and Technical & Support features do work.

Perhaps I installed the download incorrectly from the start. Should I delete the program and download it again? I’d hate to retrain, as I have deleted my junk mail and I believe I need to train with at least 65% junk in place.

Thanks for your help.

If you open the Console application in the Utilities folder, do you see any error messages from SpamSieve?

Yes, it does sound like the SpamSieve application file might be damaged, in which case it would help to replace it with a freshly downloaded copy.

The data files that hold your previous training and probably intact.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for addressing my problem so quickly. Here is what I found in the Console.

Mac OS X Version 10.4.10 (Build 8R2218)
2007-12-17 11:13:26 -0500
2007-12-17 11:13:27.053 HPEventHandler[109]: DebugAssert: Third Party Client: (NULL != m_lock && 0 == errno) Can’t create semaphore lock[/Volumes/Development/HP/Mac-Sirani/mac-software/components/HPEventHandler/Sources/Core/HPTMNotificationManager.cpp:62]
2007-12-17 11:13:27.318 SystemUIServer[95] lang is:en
2007-12-17 11:13:38.314 SecurityFixer[277] No insecure startup items found!
CoreEndianFlipData: error -4942 returned for rsrc type snd (id 1006, length 11172, native = no)

2007-12-17 11:37:20.686 SyndicationAgent[313] WARNING: BestCalendarDateFromString - can’t interpret: ‘Mon 17 Dec 2007 07:11:30 -800’

2007-12-17 11:39:18.172 SpamSieve[295] Dock Icon Error: Can’t cache image

2007-12-17 22:33:40.066 SpamSieve[295] Dock Icon Error: Can’t cache image

2007-12-18 12:19:37.423 SpamSieve[295] Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: Can’t cache image

2007-12-19 04:15:30.066 SpamSieve[295] -[CorpusController loadWindow]: failed to load window nib file ‘CorpusWindow’.

2007-12-19 04:18:53.461 SpamSieve[295] -[RuleListController loadWindow]: failed to load window nib file ‘HeaderRuleListWindow’.

2007-12-19 06:14:19.144 SpamSieve[295] Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: *** -[NSCFString rangeOfString:options:range:]: nil argument

2007-12-19 09:10:24.808 SpamSieve[295] Dock Icon Error: Can’t cache image

I have received reams of the above error messages on Dec 17th and 18th.
I’m pretty sure the recent Mac system update for Java and Quicktime has damaged my system. I lost my desktop folders including the spamsieve icon. I was able to continue using SpamSieve only after I placed a copy of the program back into my hard drive from my external back up drive, but as you say it may be best to download the program again. I’ll do that and report back.


These errors definitely look like what happens when the SpamSieve application file is damaged.

trial not fully functional
Hi Michael,

I re-installed a new SpamSieve which appears to be fully functional. Now if only I can effectively train SS to send bounce back spam from firewalls I’ll be golden. My address is forged a lot!

My Me card is intact and I have both address books as well as the “Exclude my address” box checked in the SS preferences.

Sorry if I’m adding this info into the wrong thread!


I do not recommend sending bounces. If spam messages aren’t being put in your spam mailbox, what does the log say?

I am receiving spam that is not being logged. I’ve been watching the log in real time, trying to find it! It seems that when I receive spam from a Barracuda Spam Firewall user, or from any firewall user, and the message originator has used my e-mail as the sender/spammer, it does not appear in the log at all. I do see log entries for the e-mails that I receive prior to and after this kind of spam. This occurs with all spam that bounces back to me from spam firewalls.

I was unclear as to my intent on my previous post as I do not wish to bounce back the spam, just bounce it into my junk folder.

Thanks for your help. I will keep watching the log as I have only tested it this once.


Then there is a setup problem in your mail program such that it’s not applying SpamSieve to those messages. This page describes some common problems.

Hooray! For the first time in over 3 months, my spam from firewall users landed in my junk folder. Thanks for explaining how to train SpamSieve from within my Entourage Mailing List Manager and Rules.

thanks again