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Trim the EF record Title - Applescript

I’ve recently returned to using EF (having earlier abandoned it for DevonThink Pro).

After importing my files I found that I had a large number of scanned files that had the file name (plus extension!) in the Title of the EF record.

So I adapted an Apple-supplied Finder script to trimming the Titles of the records.

It’s sort of slow, probably because I’m too lazy to make it more efficient. But in case it’s of some use… (attached to the second message, below)



That’s interesting. EagleFiler gets the title from the PDF metadata or from the filename (without the extension) if the PDF metadata is blank. So I guess your scanning software put the extension in the Title field.

Thanks, but it looks like your script wasn’t saved properly. It just says “This script contains uncompiled changes and cannot be run.”

You could also use the Filename to Title script to set the title to the filename (with the extension).

Yes, I guess so too. It was not EF.

Oops… I’ll try that again (attached)

TrimTitle.scpt.zip (3.72 KB)