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Trojan Attachments and OSX Mail

Hi - I’ve been having an increasing problem with trojan, malware, and other “bad” attachments in OSX Mail.

Although SpamSieve generally catches the spam and puts them in my Spam folder the problem arises when SuperDuper tries to make its backup each night. Most of the time, the backup goes ok, but sometimes SuperDuper aborts the backup because of the bad attachments.

Is there any workflow, plugin, or script that will automatically delete any mail with an attachment that’s in the Spam folder and then automatically empty my Trash?


It doesn’t seem like merely having attachments should cause problems with your backup. What is the exact error that you’re getting from SuperDuper?

Not that I am aware of. Also, it’s not clear from the above whether the problem is with the attachments embedded in the message or with Mail’s attachments cache files. The latter would be easier to delete, but I still think you should find out what’s causing the error in the first place.

Thanks for the speedy response! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen all of the time so I’ll have to wait until it aborts again and I can read SuperDuper’s log.

Again, thanks.