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Trojans Saved as False Negatives

I have been ignoring the False Negatives but have noticed something that indicates I need to pay more attention. The question is how to do it. I have started running Bitdefender on a regular basis. Often it detects and reports a trojan file in the SpamSieve False Negative folder. Under my current Bitdefender settings, it is deleted and there is nothing to send you because I delete trash and Spam on a daily basis.

The Bitdefender options for infected items are “Try to disinfect or move to quarantine” or “Take No Action”

I could change to “Take no action” and them afterwards, send to the False Negatives file, etc. to Spam Sieve with a message identifying the one flagged as a trojan.

Would that work? Anything else I need to do?

The purpose of the False Negatives folder is to record messages that SpamSieve is not automatically identifying as spam. You can then e-mail certain problem messages to technical support as attachments if needed. However:

  1. You don’t need
    to do anything with these files. If they are in that folder, SpamSieve already knows they are spam.
  2. Leaving files in that folder won’t cause any harm. The Trojans can’t do anything in that form.

OK. Understand better now. Thanks.