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Trouble with "Erase Junk Mail..." in Mail 3.0?

Hi, Just upgraded to Leopard, with Apple Mail.app 3.0, and am having some trouble with my junk mail process.

In particular, I don’t see how to enable Mail’s “Erase Junk Mail” command (available via Mail’s “Message” menu, via context-menus on mailboxes, and via that little gear menu at the bottom of the mailbox list) along with SpamSieve.

It seems that it’s impossible to successfully follow the directions from section 4.2.2 of the SpamSieve manual in Leopard (no criticism there, just saying what I see! :-). Because the only way I’ve found to get the “Erase Junk Mail” command to be active (i.e., not grayed out) is to select the second bullet under “When junk mail arrives:”, namely, “Move it to the Junk mailbox”.

However, when that’s selected, the “Advanced…” button is disabled. And I need to get to those advanced settings, to follow the directions in the SpamSieve manual! To activate that button, you must select the third bullet instead: “Perform custom actions (Click Advanced to configure)”. But when that’s selected, then I lose the “Erase Junk Mail” command! :frowning:

I guess we can use the cmd-X method to “cut” out junk mail (and keep it from mixing with legit mail in the trash folder), but my wife and I are used to “Erase Junk”. Is there something I’m overlooking?

(I’ve also recently switched from all POP mail to some IMAP, though I don’t think that matters in this case.)


I don’t think so. I’ve seen this problem, too, and it seems to be a bug in Mail that Erase Junk Mail is disabled when you’re using the custom Junk rule. I’ve reported this to Apple.

Okay, that’s what I’d kind of figured. Hope they fix it back like it was!

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: